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The Vision Board Book has dedicated sections and boards to help you identify and work towards your goals in each of those five areas, bringing balance to your visions and to your life. There are 5 Subject Life Areas covered in The Possible Life Vision Board Book: Mental / Spiritual, Personal / Self-Care, Physical / Health, Family / Relational, Business / Financial. Achieving your goals means focusing on all these aspects of your life.


Organization and creativity might sound like polar opposites, but they’re not. In fact, taking a structured approach to your goals not only helps you achieve them, it helps you maintain them. With the Vision Board Book you get pages focused on creating a pathway to your goals, track your progress, and reflect on your successes.


With the Vision Board Book, your dreams can always be within easy reach. Heading out? Pop the compact Vision Board Book in your bag and practice your affirmations on-the-go. Need to focus on your goals? Just put the Vision Board Book on your bedside cabinet, on a kitchen worktop, even on a coffee shop couch – anywhere you might rest a book.


Being clear as to the purpose behind your goals – The “why?” factor – is a key ingredient for getting where you want to be. That’s why the Vision Board Book goes beyond just visualizing your goals, and includes pages dedicated specifically to helping you identify the reasons behind those visions and to giving you the focus and drive to achieve them.

All Things are Possible to He that Believes

Kayla hello

This was the answer!!! I do Vision Board Parties every year but they were missing something. The Vision Board Book was it. Inside are the 5 Subject Life Areas in life we need when creating our Vision. And it has a full year's worth of goals and reflections to help us bring our Vision to life. We had an Amazing time using it and it is very high quality, plus it came in a beautiful box. Such a great product. I will be gifting this to a few people.

The Possible Life Vision Board Book


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(There are a total of 176 pages in the book. Including 52 Weeks of Goals & Reflections)

T. Hearn

Creator | Publisher

“I created The Possible Life Vision Board Book for all of us who have a Vision but struggle with how to bring it to life. We all want to live the life of our Dreams. We imagine all of the things that we want to accomplish like; places we want to travel, being in fulfilling relationships, having careers and businesses that make us happy. Vision Boards are a great, proven way to help you visualize your dreams. But in essence they are ideas and dreams without a Plan. The Possible Life Vision Board Book is your “Vision Planner.” With it you’ll be able to create your Vision Boards and put a plan in place to bring it to life. You can start living out your Dreams today! You can Manifest all the ideas and visions that you have been thinking of. You are meant to live a life of Possibilities. And the Possible Life Vision Board Book is a tool that can help you realize that, All Things Are Possible.”